Unlocking human potential through the art of movement and self awareness.

What is The Flow Project?


It’s a combination of being lite and relaxed mixed with powerful and driven. It’s a combination of pure focus and control mixed beautifully with determination and drive creating a harmonious balance of energy representing calm yet confident. It’s like a feather that packs the power of dynamite. It’s about finding out who you are and creating your own inner balance and peace. It’s not a destination or a Finish Line, it’s not about the top of the mountain or the end of the race.

It’s about the journey and finding ourselves along the way!

A journey of self and spiritual enlightenment to a higher place of inner peace, purpose, passion and appreciation!


CPT, ACE, AAAI, Insured Through ACE, Specializing in Action Sports Training

‘People with a passion can change the world.’ – Steve Jobs

Levi is the passionate founder and inspirational leader of The Flow Project – fighter for humanity and our planet Earth, preserver of our life force. Levi’s life is dedicated to inspiring a positive global movement by unlocking human potential through the art of movement and self-awareness.


Restore flow & balance to the mind, body, & soul