Action-Adventure Sport Training

We develop individual, group, and team training programs based upon your particular needs, environment, and ability level. We also host Progression Workshops & Camps globally as well to fit your needs. Whatever step you are at in your journey, we can help you take your path to new heights!


The founder of The Flow Project, Levi Goedl, has worked professionally as a personal trainer, movement coach, and sports trainer since 2004. He has been in the action-adventure sports world most of his life. He grew up in the mountains of Colorado doing a life time of snow sports, mountain bike/BMX/motocross, water sports, rock climbing and bouldering, mountaineering and exploration of life’s various adventures! He has worked with many professional, world cup, and Olympic level athletes in many different disciplines. He uses a combination of mindset coaching, psychology, health and fitness, and on/off mountain training to help take you to unstoppable heights in greater progression and potential!


Restore flow & balance to the mind, body, & soul