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Weekly Adventure Workouts

We use our imagination to turn the world around us into a big kid’s playground. Whether were in the forest, a river, the beach, a playground, or a parking lot; you will have a ton of fun getting some fresh air, sweating, making friends, and playing like a kid again, all while getting an amazing, all-around workout! We see the world around us from a completely different perspective, and we want to share our sweaty fun with you! You will never look at exercise the same after a free week trial.

We put together a mixture of light plyometrics, trail running, strength training, parkour, yoga and meditation to create a challenging workout, yet leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. You will develop greater strength, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, self-confidence and self-awareness to take your abilities to unstoppable levels! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just getting moving for the first time in years, we have something perfect for you! Be ready to walk away with a sweaty smile and a positive attitude that has the power to change the world!

Adventure Trash Crew

We are an open group that meets up regularly and we take people, of all abilities, out into natural and urban areas and we turn the natural world into the most fun obstacle course/big kid’s playground ever all while helping the planet! We run and play in the sand, we splash in puddles, hike in rivers, climb trees, jump on and balance on rocks, and clean up TONS of trash all along the way! It’s a unique way to exercise and have big kid stress relief/play time. You will develop athletic abilities beyond comprehension, all while doing something for the natural world and giving back, promoting a more sustainable world, making friends, learning about the environment, and clearing the mind!

We have adventures for every ability type.  If your new to exercise, or prefer to keep it less intense, we go on many easy, meditative, yoga, flow style adventure cleanups. If you’re a seasoned athlete, or a thrill seeker who doesn’t know how to slow down…. We will take you on one of the craziest adventure cleanups imaginable!

Inspiration Athletes

We have had the amazing opportunity over the last decade plus to work with some of the most inspiring and dedicated individuals. They have transformed their lives on so many levels, and their story has driven us to climb higher in our own journeys! We want to share their stories with you. Each of their paths is very unique, and yet all share a common passion for the journey of life!

The Flow Team

The Flow Team is a group of amazingly talented individuals, all coming from very different backgrounds, who challenge self-imposed limitations and redefine what it means to truly live. Their amazing physical abilities, positive/growth mindsets, and the passion and inspiration they share with others drives the very foundation to what The Flow Project is all about! Our amazing athletes work to spread passion, purpose, and appreciation in everything that they do, working to be positive ripples on the pond of life! They each have many titles along with their name… They are mentors, leaders, roll models, coaches, professionals, students, and real people all wrapped up into one unstoppable force!



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